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We started Aby's when Jan was running her business (Jan's Pet Care) and a vet needed a home for a half-aby. Jan realized she was something special while she was with us and that is where it all started.

Our foundation came from Karen & Dave Boyce (Mercedes & Grisaille) in Florida. They were doing more Russian Blues and started Turkish Angora's and phasing out the Abys. We acquired GC Mercedes Savanna of Furrari and she can be found in 90% of our cats today.

We are a small cattery, located in So. Pierce County, Wa. We just finished our brand new house, where we incorperated a custom cattery with a boys room, girls room, and an isolation unit.

We have been breeding Abyssinians since 1995 and are registered in CFA & TICA. We show our cats exclusively in CFA. We also bred Siamese in the late 1970's and Burmese in the early 1980's.

We breed for health, temperament, and show quality - in that order. We run a closed cattery and do not do outside stud service or sell whole cats for breeding.

We specialize in Blues and Fawns, but also have the occasional Ruddy and Red. If you are interested in kittens, please e-mail us and we will let you know what is in the works. We also have an occasional retired kitty looking for a special home.

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